Year 3 – 4

The O.C. Trial Test Course is offered to Year 3-4 students to prepare them for the Opportunity Class Entrance Exam. This course is exclusive to James An College.

Exclusive to James An College, the year 4 O.C. Trial Test Course allows students to prepare for the real O.C. test by practising and solving around 2,600 test questions.

The course duration is for 37 weeks from October to July every year.

Each class is for 3 hours per week.

Each week students will complete two test papers (Test Paper 1 & Test Paper 2) comprising of Maths, English and General Ability questions. This exam is set using the exact same format as the real OC Test.

Students will receive a computerised test report in the following week that gives a close indication as to how the student will perform in the actual Opportunity Class Test.

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